Volunteering with Community Ministry Center

We need volunteers to:

*  Greet our clients and give them a bag so they can shop

*  Stock the shelves and tables where the clients shop

*  Assist our clients as they shop to find what they need

*  Register people online if they qualify for USDA food

*  Pick up donations from our partners in the community

*  Help clean and haul away the boxes and trash

*  Be an encourager to offer other resources in our community

Our Partners

The Fredericksburg Area Baptist Network:

The Fredericksburg Area Baptist Network is dedicated to assisting and strengthening its member churches to fulfill the mission to which God has called them, The Network fosters cooperation and partnership among its member churches while fully affirming the autonomous nature of each Baptist church. They give monthly to help sustain our Community Ministry Center


Local Business Partners:

Most of the food we receive to distribute weekly comes through our partnership with the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank and Harvest Support- Food to Donate. We receive donations weekly from Panera Bread, Costco, Starbucks, Outback Steakhouse, Weis and WaWa. It takes a team of committed volunteers to pick up and safely carry them to our center to be prepared for distribution to our clients.